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A Few of My Favorite Things

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A few of my favorite things: 45 family heirlooms filled with love

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A Few of My Favorite Things is a loving tribute to family. Kris Lamp—mother to five, grandmother to nine, and great-grandmother to four—has gathered in these pages the histories of forty-five of the possessions she treasures most, and artist (and granddaughter-in-law) Rieko Yamanaka has reverently brought them to life in pen and watercolor. In these pages, you learn about more than simply the objects themselves—as Kris’s recollections proceed through the generations, you begin to get a full portrait of the Lamp family itself over time. Together, this collection of family heirlooms, treated with love and respect for six generations and counting, reveals how powerful our bonds with friends and family are, and how nourishing our favorite memories, preserved forever within our most cherished objects, can be in our lives.

About the Author

Kris Lamp is the author of My Companion, Dogs Just Make Life Better, and most recently, The Life and Times of Clarice Rew. She is also a contributor to the anthology Watermelons and Thistles: Growing Up German from Russia in America, and keeps a blog, “I’m Here, God,” at www.imheregod.com. She is a mother to five children, grandmother to nine, and great-grandmother to four, all of whom she hopes will continue to treasure her favorite things for generations to come.

About the Artist

Rieko Yamanaka is Kris’s granddaughter-in-law. A graduate of Barnard College, Rieko danced professionally before studying design and illustration at the School of Visual Arts. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband and works as a designer, translator, and spiritual counselor.

Rieko Yamanaka